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We have been planning to do a home remodeling, only to find out that we need to do a home rewiring because our wires at home do not meet the standard code mandated by the law nowadays. It was so devastating for us. Good thing we came along your company and the electricians did a great job.


I am so amazed with the result of the job. This company have electricians that are professional and they are skilled to do the job well. I was surprised that the job was finished in no time. You did great. There is a project manager too who handles our immediate concerns.


We are very pleased on how the electricians performed. They have installed our stove and range hood accordingly. They never asked us for an additional amount even after we asked for an addition. Normally, the companies will ask for additional pay when the job is finished and you asked for an extra job. But this company is just so good and friendly to our needs.


I need to remodel our kitchen. God thing I asked for your help. You have a team of electrician that are capable of handling our needs. It is just so nice to have worked with a company that knows that they are actually doing.


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My husband wants to have CCTV at home. We need an electrician to take care of the installation and even maintenance. Good thing we were able to find out about your firm. You did a great job in handing our needs. We are so happy with the result. Thank you so much!


This company is just very good in dealing with their customers and in handling the project. They did a great job in taking care of our rewiring needs. It was a whole house project and we are happy with the outcome. The cost is just worthy. Thank you guys for a job well done.


We are not aware about the residential evaluation audit. We do not have an idea that it is something that we need to accomplish. Good thing your electrician are good in handling this project. We are just so happy with the result. Thanks guys for a job well done.